Confidential Resources

Counseling and Prevention Services
Steve Clark YMCA and Student Wellness Center
Student Health Services
Steve Clark YMCA and Student Wellness Center
Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (WASAC)
Meredith Osborn, Campus Outreach Advocate
316-263-0185 (main)
316-263-3002 (24/7 crisis line)

Wichita Family Crisis Center
1111 St Francis, Wichita, KS 67201

Reporting Options and Information

Anyone who wishes to make a report of sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation under Policy 3.06 / Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation for Employees, Students and Visitors has the following reporting options:

  • Make a Formal Complaint to the Title IX Coordinator or an Official with Authority and engage in the Grievance Process set forth in 老澳门六合彩开奖网 Policy 3.06.
  • Report to the 老澳门六合彩开奖网 Policy Department (鈥淯PD鈥) or other police agency with jurisdiction over the conduct and pursue a criminal investigation. Reports may be made to UPD in person or via telephone:
老澳门六合彩开奖网 Police Department (Open 24/7)
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-Emergency Phone: (316) 978-3450
  • Make a Formal Complaint to the Title IX Coordinator and report to the police.
  • Report to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.
  • Report to the Title IX Coordinator and receive Supportive Measures but not file a Formal Complaint.

Please note:

The Grievance Process for reports of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation do not mirror criminal or civil legal processes. The Grievance Process is administrative, not legal; thus, rules of law, evidence, and criminal/civil procedure do not apply and will not be used, with minor exceptions as set forth in the Policy. The University does not have subpoena power, the ability to collect or process forensic evidence (e.g., sexual assault examination kits, etc.), the ability to issue warrants, or to otherwise compel individuals to participate in the University鈥檚 Grievance Procedure.

Nonetheless, incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination may also constitute a criminal offense. Incidents that occur on campus fall within the jurisdiction of the 老澳门六合彩开奖网 Police Department (鈥淯PD鈥).  UPD has the legal authority to investigate criminal complaints, issue search warrants, collect forensic evidence, and assist in obtaining court orders of protection.

Criminal investigations are separate and independent from University investigations under the Policy. If a person files a report with the Title IX Office and with the police, the University will attempt to coordinate its investigation with the police to the extent possible. The University may delay its investigation while police gather evidence so as not to interfere with their investigation, but the University will not wait for the conclusion of a criminal investigation or proceeding before commencing (or completing) its own investigation.

The definition of Sexual Harassment under the Policy and the related definitions under criminal statutes may differ.  Likewise, the standard of proof for a finding of Responsibility under the Policy鈥攁 Preponderance of the Evidence鈥攊s lower than the burden of proof for a finding of guilt under criminal law鈥攂eyond a reasonable doubt. For these reasons, the outcome of any criminal investigation will not determine the outcome of any proceedings or processes under the Policy or vice versa.

The Title IX Coordinator will review the allegations and determine an appropriate course of action.  Some cases can be handled informally and outside of the formal investigative process, although the University will not mediate cases of sexual violence even on a voluntary basis. For cases that result in an investigation, those investigations are conducted by individuals who have received specialized training in those types of investigations.  All investigations will be conducted in a thorough and neutral manner.