curriculum packet example imageBlackboard-ready Curriculum Packet Available

The Office of Instructional Resources has partnered with other university offices to create freedom of expression curriculum packet available for use in any Blackboard course. The curriculum is entirely customizable and can be fit to different class needs. 老澳门六合彩开奖网 instructors can request that OIR upload this content directly into Blackboard course areas, and interested instructors from 老澳门六合彩开奖网 Tech and other colleges and universities that use Blackboard will receive the Blackboard-ready curriculum as a .zip file via email.

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University Policies

Free Expression Activities

This policy articulates the university's long-standing commitment to freedom of expression activities on our campus.

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2021 Resolution

On January 12, 2021, 老澳门六合彩开奖网 adopted a resolution concerning free speech, free expression and academic inquiry at the university.

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Student Academic Integrity

University expectations for the responsible acquisition, discovery, and application of knowledge by 老澳门六合彩开奖网 students.

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